Member-Member Champ 2023 RD 1 Saturday, January 21, 2023


Member-Member Champ 2023 RD 1 for Saturday, January 21, 2023

2023 Member-Member Championship

January 21 & 22, 2023

Rules Sheet

Entry Fee: $250 per player




Day 1 - PLAYERS Course: Two-Person Scramble - 35% of the “A” player and 15% of the “B” player’s handicap to determine a team handicap.  Player A & B tee off and select the best shot.  Both players play from that spot and continue that procedure until the ball is holed.  You may lift, clean and place the ball within one club length no closer to the hole but you must stay in the same condition (Fairway, rough, bunker, penalty area, etc…).  The one ball rule is NOT in effect.


Day 2 - Tour Course: Better Ball of Partners - 85% (Men’s) and 85% (Ladies) of each player’s handicap.   Indicate gross score on the player’s line and the net score on the team line of the scorecard.



Saturday – Closest to the pin on Holes # 8 & #17

Sunday – Closest to the pin on Holes #5 & #17



Handicaps:  Scorecards will be marked with handicaps.  Please switch cards with your competitors.  Record your final gross and net score.  Turn in your card to the professional staff upon completing play.


Golf Genius:  One player in each group will be responsible for Golf Genius scoring.



Tees:  Determined by Flight.     



Penalty Areas: Defined by red stakes/lines.  Out of Bounds: Defined by white lines/stakes.


Tie Breaker:    Overall Championship – Sudden Death Playoff (Better Ball Format to be used).  Teams will play their tournament tee.  No shots will be used in the shootout.    



Flight Tie Breaker - Scorecard Playoff based on USGA recommended method. Day 2 scores will be used (better ball format).

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