MGA Season Long 2 Man Match Play Wednesday, March 8, 2023


MGA Season Long 2 Man Match Play for Wednesday, March 8, 2023

2023 MGA Season Long Match Play Championships



Seedings based on 2022 MGA Player of the Year final standings

Field Size Max 128 for Individual, 64 teams for 2-Man – signup via ForeTees

Highest seeds will receive first-round byes 


MATCH DATES (Please note each format has slightly different completion dates)

2-Man Team:
•First Round complete by May 31
•Round of 32 complete by July 31
•Round of 16 complete by August 31
•Round of 8 complete by September 30
•Semifinals complete by October 31
•First Round complete by April 30
•Round of 64 complete by June 11
•Round of 32 complete by July 31
•Round of 16 complete by August 31
•Round of 8 complete by September 30
•Semifinals complete by October 31

Championship Matches for both Individual and 2-Man MAY be held concurrently with an MGA social event at a date TBD.


•Single elimination.
•Matches to be played on TOUR course, Blue/White tees. If both teams decide to play on the PLAYERS course(when available), then that is acceptable.
•Mark, lift clean and place in your own fairway.
•Handicapped at 100% of that day’s GHIN handicap. 
•Play is net off low man in the match. The lower handicap receives zero strokes and other players receives the difference between the two handicaps. 
•Use the GHIN “Course Handicap” tool along with GHIN ”Golfer Lookup” tool. 
•If help is needed with the GHIN tools, see the Pro Shop for assistance. 
•Match must be physically played. Match of scorecards is not acceptable. Head-to-head within the same 4some as part of a broader game is acceptable.
•After completion of your match, deliver a counter signed scorecard clearly indicating the winner of the match to the Pro Shop. 
•To avoid any confusion, take a mobile phone picture of the signed scorecard for your records.
•Fee for each event will be $30 per player
•MGA Player of the Year point allocations and Purse distribution to be released at a later date


•Players to mutually agree and schedule match date & time. 
•It is expected that all players will make a “good faith” effort to accommodate a mutually agreeable date and time.
•To avoid confusion, mutually agreed upon date and time and any cancelations and rescheduling thereof should be documented with an email.
•If players can’t otherwise agree, the default match date and time will the last Saturday of month @ 1:00 P.M.
•If a player doesn’t show for a documented mutually agreed date and time without canceling or the default date and time it will be considered a forfeit.
•Players to book their own tees times, including the default tee time. 
•Championship Match date and time in November to be set by finalists; will be announced.


•You are responsible for scheduling your own match.
•If you don’t otherwise have your opponent’s contact information, the default communication tool is the Foretees email system. 
•Only if can’t connect with Foretees email, see the Pro Shop for assistance with communication.
•Once the brackets are posted, we will ask players to write an e-mail or phone number onto the board to help communication:
•How to send an e-mail using the Foretees Portal
•5th tab along the top is a “Email” tool
•Select “Send Email”. 
•Under “Recipients” click “+ Add Recipients”.
•Select “Find and add Members”. 
•Type in members name to find
•Select correct member
•That name should appear on the “Recipients:” box.
•Select “Finished” with the “Select Members” Tool.
•The selected name should now appear in the “Recipients” Box in the body of the email.
•In the “Subject” box of the email type ”Match Scheduling for Individual (Team) Match Play”.  
•In the “Message” identify yourself, include your offer as to date and time.
•For you convivence, you may want to include your email address and your cell #.
•The recipient will receive an email from with the “Subject” as per above.
•The recipient can reply to that email. 
•Using the Foretees “Modern” view, follow all steps above except when you get to  ”+ Select Recipients”, select the “Member” tab and type in as many letters as  necessary to locate your opponent. Double Click that name.


•Match play scores are postable.
•If out of a hole, post your “most likely score” for that hole.
•For holes not physically played as the outcome of the match is already determined, post “net par”. (par plus any strokes you get on the hole using your full handicap).
•The maximum score on any hole in computing the postable round score is “net double bogey. Anything higher then net double bogey should be adjusted.
•You may concede a stroke, concede a hole or concede a match. 
•You may NOT concede an intentional violation of the Rules of Golf.
•Familiarize yourself with match play Rules on Disagreement (in match play you may not play a second ball seeking a later ruling).


For Tournament Administration (questions on rules, communication issues, current match status, brackets, formats, scoring, etc.) contact:

  Jay Bria at 


For day of match course or rules issues contact:

  Jon Banas at

  Jon Luehrs at

  Pro Shop (954) 384-4653


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